Frequently Asked Questions


We have a Sentinel Alarm security system that was installed a few years ago. We are considering cancelling our telephone line. Will this be a problem?

More and more clients are inquiring about this. We have security solutions available which are IP or cellular based. Call our Sales department at 514.737.1010 x 3 for more information.

How often does a battery need to be replaced?

A rechargeable battery will only last for a finite period of time. Depending on the load and the frequency of power failures, a battery should last between 3-5 years.

We have a Sentinel Alarm security system at our office. Do you provide other types of security systems?

We offer a range of Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial security solutions, including Home & Business Security Alarm Systems, Residential Fire & Gas Detection, Commercial Certified Fire Alarm Systems, Water & Temperature Detection, Access control, Video surveillance, and Mobile Interactive Services.

We had a smoke detector send an alarm signal. What should we do now?

Any life safety device that has sent an alarm signal requires service. A smoke detector must be replaced every 10 years, and carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors must be replaced every 5 years. Renovation work, dust and debris, cooking smells and aerosols can also create problems for these sensors.

We had an alarm condition and when we arrived the siren was not ringing. What happened?

All of our systems have a programmable siren cut-off - they will sound for approximately 5 minutes and then stop and reset.