Five Winter Home Tips

Five Winter Home Tips

As Canadians, we spend most of our year in freezing conditions. Whether you embrace the cold or not, we have to be prepared for it. If you follow these five quick tips below, there will be nothing that winter can throw at you that you will not be ready for.

1)      All entrances are clear of ice and snow

Once the first snowfall of the season hits, it is very important to keep all walkways clear. The last thing you want on a cold day is having a hard time getting in and out of your home. Not only is having a clear route efficient, but it also prevents danger. Removing the snow may reveal some hidden ice underneath, which then can be salted. In the event of freezing rain, the snow will be more difficult to remove. Therefore it is best to shovel before, your guests will appreciate it!

2)      Verify your low-temperature alarm and smoke detectors

In winter, most of us try to stay inside as much as possible and crank up the thermostat. It is industry standard to replace low-temperature alarms and smoke detectors every ten years. Make sure to check your equipment to know its performing to its standards. If you are unsure, contact your provider.

3)      Be ready for a power outage

The weather can be unpredictable, a snowstorm, freezing rain, and clear skies can occur on the same day. Are you well equipped to handle a power outage? In instances of a severe power outage, gas stations and grocery stores are often closed. Make sure you have batteries for flashlights and charging electronic devices, ice to keep food fresh, and wood kept in a cold environment (to avoid any insect infestation) if you have a fireplace. Having a camping stove may also be of use to you but never cook with it in an enclosed area since many of the white gases these stoves use are odorless but toxic.

4)      Avoid leaving belongings outside

After shoveling your walkways, we often tend to leave the shovel outside. Either left by the front door or stuck in the snowbank. What we often neglect to consider is that leaving our belongings outside is an open invitation for theft. In extreme cases, it is possible that what you leave outside is what a burglar uses to gain access to your home.

5)      Avoid pipes from freezing

Having frozen pipes brings numerous problems. The water flow is constricted, the probability of the pipes bursting is high, and you are left with the risk of severe water damage. Keeping your house warm and water flowing will help prevent this issue but more measures can be taken to prevent freezing pipes entirely. Products like the Water Pro-Tech detection system can sense when temperatures in the pipes are too low and shut off the main water valve, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

If you wish to facilitate your winter months, follow these steps and you will be prepared for the harshest conditions. If you would like to learn more about how to better prepare yourself and your home for the cold weather, give us a call today at (514) 737-1010 ext. 3.