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Our experience with Smart Home technology


It is somewhat amazing how technology moves forward and we don’t truly appreciate it until you have an opportunity to experience it up close and personal. 

Since we use the Security system as the gateway to seeing who is at the front door, being able to arm/disarm the security system and lock/unlock the front door via an APP, my team decided that I, as usual should be the test subject to ensure that all of this life-easing technology actually works. 

So one day, a team of installers showed up, changed my control panel, installed a couple of touch screens, couple of doorbell cameras for the front and rear doors and a wireless and remotely controlled lock on my rear door. So I was now all equipped and ready to go. 

Over the holidays we needed to have a plumber come into our home while we were away skiing. On a Friday morning while I was on the Mountain I received a phone call on my cell, informing me that the plumber was waiting outside to get in, and that no one was answering the front door (and you know how plumbers charge!). 

I let them know I would call right back. Here came my hero moment: I verified on the APP and sure enough the security system was armed in AWAY mode indicating that the motion detectors were active so I knew for certain that no one was in the house. I disarmed the system, and sent the command to unlock the rear door. 

I called back and let them know that they could enter the home from the rear door, and I watched him enter my home from the rear door camera. I then re-locked and armed the system after he had notified me that the work was complete and he had left.

It was a very proud moment – not the same as when I receive a call that we saved a life, but a proud moment nonetheless. It was great to actually experience technology in action!   

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