Moving Tips

1. Be aware of the possible consequences of cancelling your phone line

Upon cancellation of your phone line, Sentinel Alarm will no longer be able to communicate with your alarm system and provide monitoring, unless your system is equipped with cellular backup.

2. Let us secure your new address

One of the best ways to secure your home or business is by having a professionally installed security system. Call 514.737.1010 x 3 to get a free security quote from one of our sales representatives. Existing clients who secure their new location with Sentinel Alarm will receive a 50$ credit. Click here to fill out a moving program form.

3. Inform the relevant parties

Inform your water, gas, electric, telephone, alarm, Internet, cable, and satellite providers that you are moving. Your bank, insurance companies, and any relevant medical professionals and governmental authorities should also be notified.

4. Inform your old neighbors

It is a good idea to tell your neighbors that you are moving so that they do not mistake the new residents for intruders.

5. Have your mail forwarded

Informing people and businesses that you have a new address is a gradual process, so have Canada Post forward your mail to your new location.

6. Choose a reputable moving company

Choosing a reputable moving company minimizes the chances that your items will be lost or damaged. The moving company you choose should also have an insurance policy in case this does happen.

7. Beware of robbers

Be vigilant not to leave boxes outside your home or business or to give other indications that you are moving, as robbers can use this information to their advantage.

8. Do not pack your essentials

Have an overnight bag filled with essentials such as your toiletries, clothing and medication so that you can have them on hand during the move.

9. Do your part to secure your new home or business

Besides having a security system, there are other simple steps you can take to optimize your home security. These include having adequate door and window locks and having your Sentinel Alarm window decals and yard sign clearly visible. For a more complete list, get our home security tip sheet.

10. Take advantage of our referral program

Give us the name and number of the new tenants at your old address, and if they become clients, you will receive a 50$ credit to your Sentinel Alarm account. Click here to fill out a referral program form.