Halloween Security Tips

Halloween Safety tips

In the eyes of a child, there is no night quite like Halloween. Roaming around the neighborhood dressed up with friends, filling up pillowcases worth of candy, and hoping to get that goldmine house who passes out the big chocolate bars. It is an exciting evening, however, it comes with some safety risks.

Safe Kids Worldwide Organization reports that three-quarters of parents have concerns about their children running around on Halloween night, while only one-third of parents actually speak to their kids about the dangers. It is important for parents and children to establish rules to keep the night fun and memorable, but most of all safe.  We have come up with four quick tips to do just that:

1)      Keep the costumes visible

Even if you live in an area with well-lit streets, staying visible at night is crucial. The National Safety Council states that children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on October 31st compared to any other day of the year. Any costume must incorporate reflective clothing, neon colors, and/or flashlights. Furthermore, avoid using masks in your child’s costume since it obstructs their vision and sometimes their hearing. This may result in crossing the street when there is an oncoming car. Instead, use trusted face paint, it is a more creative alternative.

2)      Lock your doors and arm your system if you are away from home.

This tip is especially true if you have young kids who you feel are not ready yet to walk around at night without adult supervision. If you are escorting your children around town, it leaves your house unattended on a night where many individuals will be walking right up to your door. Therefore locking all doors and arming your security system, even if someone is home, is wise. Even better, if you own a doorbell with a camera and two-way voice communication, you can see and speak to any little monster that comes to your door.

3)      Keeping valuables away from the front door

Few people will keep their fine china ensemble in the entrance, but something like a set of keys or a cellphone are vulnerable. It takes seconds for someone to reach in and grab something worth more than candy. An easy solution would be to simply leave all valuables in a separate room.

4)      Avoid eating the treats until the end of the night

The temptation is there. With each step and each moment that passes, the willpower to not indulge on the nights rewards diminishes. It is an urge that children must know to avoid, at least until they get home. Once the night is over the candies, chocolates, and chips can be assorted and unmarked treats should be discarded.

October 31st is a night of spooks and thrills! From everyone here at Sentinel Alarm, we hope you enjoy your night, and most of all, stay safe!

Happy Halloween!