Having a security system is a tremendous asset but can be a liability if not operated properly.

It is reported that on average, a staggering 96% of calls Police departments across the country receive are false. When this occurs, home and business owners are potentially charged a fine since this is a waste of Police resources.  

Here at Sentinel Alarm, we have developed methods to fight against the immense volume of false alarms. The first step is to understand what a false alarm is.

A false alarm is where a request for presence is made where no emergency condition exists. The main cause of false alarms are user errors. This includes forgetting the passcode, leaving a door or window open when the alarm is on, or even running back into the armed house to get your lunch before you leave for work.

Misinformation on how your system works is the second leading cause of false alarms. For example, putting your alarm on “stay mode”, which essentially arms all entrances to your premises (typically used at night), and opening a door without realizing will trigger your system. These mistakes happen to the best of us and luckily they can be easily avoided.

Using high-quality equipment is another factor in reducing false alarms. Sentinel only uses best in class user-friendly equipment which meets their exacting standards.

Take motion detectors as an example; the certified hardware which we specify and install is capable of recognizing the shape and mass differences between a human and a household pet, resulting in greater false alarm immunity.

By choosing to have a cheap security system, the chances of malfunction dramatically increases. Lesser quality equipment may be prone to electrical surges, defective parts, and failing entirely, leaving the system completely useless and your investment of little or no value.

Finally, in the event of an alarm signal, before we send anyone to assess the location, we implement enhanced or multiple call verification for the premises to reduce an unnecessary police dispatch.

Sentinel Alarm is committed to reducing this phenomenon by educating our clients, installing the best technologies to satisfy your needs, and using alternative security dispatch services to keep costs at a minimum. Having an alarm should never be a headache, we strive for the best user experience possible and we are more than happy to answer any security questions you have.

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