Cutting the cord: Alarm System Monitoring

Cutting the cord: Alarm System Monitoring

We live in a time where cars are able to drive themselves, where you can visit any city in the world from your couch using virtual reality, and where the pass-code for your smartphone is your face. Yet, many of us still rely on our home phone line for our security alarm system to function. This technology is not presently obsolete, however, more and more people are cancelling their landlines and getting by with solely using their cell phones.

The Facts

In 2014, Statistics Canada released data on the usage of household telephone services which showed that more than one out of five residences in Canada are using their cell phones exclusively. This trend will continue to grow since 60% of homeowners under 35 years old choose to not use a landline phone. 

Traditionally, having the security system communicate with the central monitoring station via landline was an inexpensive and efficient method. Security systems have now evolved and are now able to transmit information over Wi-Fi or cellular signals just as reliably and more efficiently than the standard phone line connection.

Get the most out of your system

After cancelling your landline, the most obvious advantage is that you are no longer paying for the telephone services. Upgrading to cellular monitoring also eliminates the risk of the phone line being cut to disarm the system, as signals are transmitted over a cellular network instead.

There are numerous benefits when upgrading your system such as life style enhancements through your smart phone application giving you the ability to control a number of smart devices in your home. To find out more about this topic, refer to our page on home automation on how this can enrich your life.


If you have been thinking about cancelling your landline, but have not yet due to your alarm system, there are many others in your position. Give us a call (514)-737-1010 x 3 and our sales team will find the best security solution for you.