Celebrating Montreal's Rich History - Free Museum Day

Montreal's Rich History Is Everywhere

You don’t see many outdoor bells anymore like these which were designed to ring in the event of an alarm being set off. In celebration of Montreal's 375 birthday, we are feeling nostalgic and looking back at Montreal's fire department and old fire alarm bells which are still in use today.

These noisemakers, which were once plentiful in Montreal helped save countless families whenever there was a fire or emergency. If you walk in the old port or in other old parts of Montreal keep an eye out for these old alarm bells and sirens. They always say keep your chin up, so keep an eye out for history all around you!

rusty door bells.jpg

Look for these noise makers!

During Montreal's free museum day on May 28th, 2017, we hope you visit the Musée des Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montréal. To learn about the history of the Montreal fire department and the Great Fire of Montreal in 1852 which spread from Saint-Laurent Blv to Craig Street.

These old alarm bells were so noisy that they would wake the dead and have been thankfully replaced with inside sirens (that are still very loud) and in some cases exterior strobes. They would also rust over time and look pretty unsightly, but some homeowners have kept them in great condition over the years.

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Enjoy Montreal's 375 birthday in May with free museum day!