Success Stories

"The alarm that Ivan strongly suggested was located so perfectly that it saved my daughter’s life".

“I started looking into alarm systems for my home and wasn’t sure what my needs were. I called up my friend Ivan from Sentinel Alarm, because he knows this stuff inside and out. He came by to check out my home and made some suggestions and recommendations, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go forward with it. Ivan then told me that regardless of what I decided to do, I have to put a fire alarm in a particular corner of my home. So, I thought about it and decided at the very least to put in that fire alarm where Ivan had recommended. I soon found out that it would have been the best decision of my life.
I remember that night on December 13th when the family was enjoying each other’s company downstairs while our 1 year old daughter was sound asleep upstairs. Then the worst happened and a fire started upstairs, and had that fire alarm not been there it would have been too late. The alarm that Ivan strongly suggested was located so perfectly that it saved my daughter’s life by giving us the time we needed to get our daughter and get out of the house. I credit him and Sentinel for saving my daughter’s life. The expertise and service that Sentinel offers is unparalleled and from that moment I knew I could trust Sentinel to protect my family and my business.”
- Billy, owner of Lester's Deli.
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Our culture

"There isn't much to be said. Your company hires the best, most experienced people, who appreciate working for a company made up of real people.
There is a difference between a company that wants numbers and a company that wants to be all around good to the customer and the staff.
Congrats on being such a company".
- John M

Our installations

"Sylvain is your best installer and he knows how to resolve issues quickly because he really knows his stuff.
I cannot say enough good things about Sylvain".
- John C

"The technician who came was great, not only was he punctual, he also took the time to answer all of my questions and ensured the installation areas were as neat and tidy as when he arrived.

There was no attempt to oversell services, you listened to what we wanted, gave us your professional opinion and installed a system tailored to our needs.

Sentinel served me well for over 20 years and I would gladly recommend Sentinel Alarm to any respective client. ".

- Glenn D

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our service

"Richard was very patient and professional with servicing our building and so was Nick at the central station.

We greatly appreciate Alarme Sentinelle".

- Daniel Z


"Merci pour votre excellent service de mon domicile depuis plus de 30 ans".  
- Gabriel L

"Thank you so much for the quick action. As usual your customer service and response time are great".
- Henry K