Home & Business Security Alarm Monitoring

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Why you need professional monitoring

Theft is an unfortunate reality of life, and no one is completely immune. You may return to your home or office to find the outside door slightly ajar and your possessions turned upside down and tossed around. Even with modern sophisticated equipment, monitoring is essential. One of the greatest benefits of hiring the pros is having eyes on your property 24/7 giving that extra layer of protection that 24-hour monitoring offers is priceless.

Even if you’re using security cameras or an alarm system those won’t do you much good in the moment if they only record a break-in without calling the police. But with monitoring from Sentinel, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on when you can’t be there. You’ll have peace of mind that your assets are safe, even when you’re away.

Monitor through telephone, cellular, or Internet

Our central station is equipped with the latest technology to monitor all types of alarm system signals through broadband, landline and cellular.

Are you looking for a non-wired security system? We offer a large range of wireless security systems that can connect through your Wi-Fi for basic protection.

Are you removing your phone line? No problem, we can monitor your security system through Wi-Fi or cellular with a simple low cost adjustment to your existing system.

Are you looking for total security and reliability? Monitoring your security system through cellular ensures your security system is tamper proof and that you will never experience interruption in your service. While gaining the benefit of total interactive control of your security system wherever you are due to the cellular connection.


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Five Diamond™ Certified & ULC Listed Central Station

Our monitoring station is equipped with the most advanced and specialized remote monitoring technology to monitor for all types of alarm systems and ensure 24 hour protection for any home or business. Our station is also approved by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and is a certified Five Diamond™ Central Station which places strict standards such as random inspections, ensuring the highest levels of customer service, on-going job related education and investment and a commitment to reducing false alarm dispatches.

Highly Trained Emergency operators

As a ULC listed and certified Five Diamond™ Central Station led by Gaiskar Ursua and Sefora Larcinese, we invest heavily in our operators under our proven internal Sentinel Excellence program; in addition of the Monitoring Association’s 5 Diamond operator course. To ensure the highest levels of security, quality, service, and reliability for all our customers and partners.

Our dedicated team of highly certified operators staff our central station 24 hours a day to deliver a truly premium level of customer service and fast emergency response times.



 Home Insurance savings and Premium Benefits

Whether you have an existing security system or are looking to buy a smart security system from Sentinel, connecting to our professional monitoring center qualifies you for a substantial discount on your home insurance premium sometimes up to 30%.

Our experts will convert your existing hard-wired or wireless system and optimize any components if needed to meet insurance standards, with the option of adding protection against water damage protection, allowing you to benefit from the very best and latest home security technology on the market.

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